Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

 I was a photographer that walked in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk on October 6th. My group met and mingled in the little Mississippi River town of Grafton Illinois. Although these walks have been happening worldwide for the past eleven years, this was my first time participating. Kelby created the event as a means to benefiting the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Najuru, Kenya. Here’s a link to the website for more information,

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

 Since this was my first photowalk event, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew from what I’d seen online that many photographers who participate prefer Street Photography. I make no claims to being a someone who shoots that genre, but I decided that I’d go into the experience with an open mind. As it turned out, I learned that I could just be myself and shoot the images that make me happiest. That loosened me up to just enjoy the experience. I met and conversed with folks who live in the town of Grafton, walked down pathways that visitors were traveling, and for a few brief moments even became a wedding photographer!

Just Married!
A Private Moment

 When it comes to making images, I have a tendency to be a bit of a loner. It’s not that I’m anti-social, I just usually go solo on my adventures into photo making. It helps me to concentrate and ‘see’ things that I otherwise would miss. But, that’s what pleasantly surprised me about being with my group on Saturday. We were a band of six, and given the size of the town, that was a perfect number,.. small but mighty. I had the time and opportunity to be alone, but also enjoyed being with the others too. That’s a good thing, because it pushed my boundaries a little bit further out.

Bride and her ‘Posse’

  At the end of the afternoon, we all met at a local ‘Oyster Bar’ restaurant for a debrief and dinner. This was my absolute favorite part, because I got to know everybody a little bit more. It was rewarding to just relax and enjoy birds of a feather talk with folks who see life through a wide spectrum of lenses. I hope I get the opportunity to be on a photo shoot with them again sometime. They’re good photographers, and really good people too. Win/win! Check out their work by following this link;

 All in all it was a fun activity that brought us together, and shines light on a great cause. It’s also great way to explore a city or town in the company of others. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend that you give the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk a go… you’ve got a whole year yet to the next walk!

Looking Forward, Looking Back
Mississippi River Lighthouse Echoes
Harley Momma crossing by ferry.

Light and love, Leslie







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