Brighter Outlook

Clark Bridge

Hey everybody,

I’d like to share a defining moment that I had not too long ago. It was one of those huge explosions of new understanding, and I knew, there would be no going backwards for me afterwards. I had been in somewhat of a funk with my photography, and had grown dissatisfied and bored with many of my images. I felt that I needed to and could do better, and that my photos had grown predictable. I needed to be propelled to a new level, both in my outlook and in my results.

Today I’m happy to say,- that I’m excited again about the possibilities that lie before me, and where my photography will take me! I’m looking forward to traveling and the opportunities that new projects will bring in my journeys. I hope my “brighter outlook” and higher understanding will be evident in the images I make and share with the world.

“What is it?”, you might wonder? It seems so simple, yet at the same time complex, but truly comprehending it has made all the difference for me! Too bad I never thought it through, and took it for granted, wasting all that time before now. So, here it is:

  • To be a good photographer, you have to understand what your camera is capable of seeing, and know how that differs from what you are capable of seeing.

Happy image making!

Light and Love, Leslie- Out Chasing Light


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