Adventures to the Rio Grande Gorge


Route 64 along the Rio Grande River

 Recently while on a trip to the Taos region of northern New Mexico, we decided on a whim to go White Water Rafting, something I’d never done before. We had settled on a half day trip since I was new to the activity, and since the nights were in the mid 30’s, we felt the afternoon would offer the better water temperature conditions. I made reservations with New Mexico River Adventures in Embudo New Mexico,, a company that has been guiding river trips for well over 25 years. We were not disappointed with our choice, and I highly recommend their services. It was a blast, and I believe that a part of the fun of the float was our upbeat, entertaining guide, Liam. Liam related many interesting things about the Rio Grande River, and pointed out some landmarks along our journey. For instance, as we were floating by a big boulder named Baby Huey, he told us that it had rolled down the mountain, bounced off the road, and landed in the river just a couple of years before! I mean it was big, like railroad engine big!

  After our rafting trip, we set off for the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. To get to the bridge from Embudo, we drove route 64 which passes through Taos. Taos is an interesting city, filled with adobe style buildings trimmed in turquoise or red, and is home to creatives from all walks of life. I can only think of one word that fits Taos perfectly; charming!

Route 64, Taos NM
Turquoise trimmed adobe buildings..

McDonalds, Taos,… adobe style

 We continued on route 64 heading west, until we crossed over the Rio Grande River Gorge by way of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge… At 650 feet, the bridge is the second highest U.S. Highway System bridge, and is the fifth highest bridge in the United States. But beyond all those facts, it’s just plain awesome, because of where it is and the view! We were definitely going to walk over the bridge! Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of heights, but I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. It was high, especially looking over and down below, but it was so cool and worth the intimidation factor. We stood there in wonder, taking in the awesomeness that the tiny Rio Grande River below had created. Really, what more does one say after taking seeing something so spectacular?! Still speechless!

650 feet above the awesome landscape wonder of the RIo Grande Gorge

And don’t miss our YouTube highlight reel of this day’s great adventure…, just follow this link for 1:41 seconds of fun!

Light and Love, – Leslie

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